Grilled - Roasted - Sautéed

Our Fresh-Cut Grilled & Roasted Vegetables Will Revolutionize Both Commissary Prepared Meals and Restaurant Kitchens.

2021 will see the market-entry of our fresh-cut, grilled & roasted vegetable line. This clean-label line will also push marinaded vegetables to a stratospheric level. Nothing is more delicious than grilled, roasted, sautéed and marinated veggies. But who has the time?


Veggies Cleaned, Cut and Washed

All Ready Grilled, Sautéed and Marinated

Long Shelf Life

No Spoilage

100% Natural

No Preservatives


Gluten Free

Low Fat

Low Sodium

No Allergens (nuts, dairy, eggs, etc.)

Organic Option

Kosher Option

Quick and Easy

Low Cost

Ready to Serve Hot or Cold